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7kw Generator - Why kw and kVA are so Important

Summary: Lets take a look at kw and kVA and why this is an important consideration when selecting a home generator.

The Specifications for a 7kw Home Generator

The generator kVA is used to match the required load of your home circuits needed to be on generator power. This required load amount is then used to size the appropriate generator for your home. A 7 kW home electric generator system is one of the most affordable automatic standby generator on the market.

For about $2,000 you can power all of your home's essential circuits, including your living room, family room, master bedroom, kitchen*, sump pump, bathroom, furnace and well pump.**

There's no need to worry about individual items because everything on the circuits you choose is protected... lights, plug-in appliances, electronics... everything! Plus, most 7kw home electric generator systems come as a pre-packaged, pre-wired system, so it's the easiest system on the market to install.

A typical 7 kw home generator system includes these features and benefits:

  • Circuit Coverage: Protects 8 circuits of your home
  • OHVI® Industrial Engine: The ONLY air-cooled engine designed specifically for generators
  • Longest Life Expectancy in the Industry: Over 3,000 hours of run time
  • No break-in required
  • 2 year, 200 hour service intervals
  • Superior Paint: Textured, powder coat paint process provides better coverage and superior bonding for unmatched durability and all weather protection
  • UL Listed: For safety and certified power ratings

UL Canadian

7kw Home Generator Installation Manual

A 7kw home generator is ideal for basic home essential circuits to remain on during a power outage.
For more information, here is the detailed Installation Manual for a 7kw Generator [PDF]

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site.

*Most kitchens require multiple circuits
** 240 volt appliances require 2 circuits

A Quality Electric 7kw Generator Set
7 kw Gernerator Set

Reviewing the 7 kw Generator Electrical Ratings

Feature Explanation
Fuel Types: LP = Liquid Propane
NG = Natural Gas
Features Affected by Fuel Type LP NG
Rated Power kw 7 kw 6 kw
Rated Amps @60 Hz, 240 volt 29.2 amps 25 amps
Transfer Switch Amperage Circuits
Rating and Capacity 100 amp 8 circuit
This type of transfer switch has a built in circuit section with space for up to 8 circuits.
The transfer switch itself has a rating of 100 amps, however the actual amp load is limited by the size of the generator, which in this case as stated above indicates 29.2 / 25 amps.

The 7kw Generator Controls
7 KW Generator Controls

The 7kw Generator Transfer Switch
7 KW Generator Transfere Switch

Comments and Questions about Home Generators


Connecting a Generator to an Electrical Panel

Don, from Dennison, Ohio asks:
Can I run a 7kw generator thru a 20 ft cord to an inlet box and then connect into a 60 amp circuit breaker inside my 200 amp panel, to be my disconnect when the generator is not in use? The 60 amp circuit breaker is being used for the electric stove and I would use it because there are no empty spaces in my panel for additional circuit breakers.

Don, No - This is not an acceptable method to connect a generator to your home electrical panel, and the process is very dangerous because there is no way to disconnect the main utility power while the generator is operating, and the size of the circuit breaker would be incorrect as well.
The right way is to install an approved generator transfer switch which will provide power to the essential circuits of your home that need to be power when on generator power.
Another alternative would be to install a main circuit breaker interlock kit which is a linkage device that prevents both the utility power and the generator power from being in the ON position at the same time. The interlock kits are available for a variety of electrical panels, however the sizing of any of the materials used to connect the generator to the electrical panel must be sized to the specifications of the output capacity of the generator. This would include the generator cord and the panel circuit breaker. All generator power projects should be installed by a qualified electrician with a permit and have the appropriate inspections.

Transfer Switch Size and Installation

I have a 7KW Generac generator. The generator has a 70amp built in breaker. My house is a mobile home with a 100 amp circuit panel. I want to install a whole house weather proof 100 amp auto transfer switch. My question is can I use the whole house transfer switch even though the generator circuit breaker has the 70 amp breaker?

Frank, yes. The size of the transfer switch being matched to the size of your house panel and the load potential is fine. The size of the generator is protected by its own circuit breaker so that no matter how much potential load there is, the generator will only deliver what it is safely designed for. Then in the event of the home circuits overloading the generator, you will need to prioritize what the connected loads will actually be. If you choose to up-size the generator in the future, all the other components are ready.


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