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Generator Transfer Switch

Summary: See how a transfer switch ensures a safe isolation of the electric utility company and your home generator.

The Generator Transfer Interlock Safety Switch

Manual Transfer Switches
Generators smaller then 4,000 watts are in most instances not capable of powering a home during a power outage because they can not provide the needed power for electrical loads such as motors, well pumps and ventilation blowers on a central heating system.

Home Generator Transfer Switch
A typical home supplied with 200-amp electric service can actually support a load of approximately 45,000 watts (45kW) of electric demand.

manual-transfer-switch A Manual Transfer Switch

This illustration shows a manual transfer switch. Notice that the handle will only allow contact with one source of electricity at a time and also has a center position which stops the flow of electricity all together.

Portable Generator Transfer Switch
When portable generators are used for homes they too must have a transfer switch unless the outlet or cord being used from the generator will power an isolated device or load that is not connected to the home electrical wiring system. "Cheater cords" should never be used to back-feed a homes electrical system because this can create extremely hazardous conditions in your home and for electrical utility workmen and most likely damage your portable generator when normal power is restored.

30 amp transfer switch

The 30 amp transfer switch is very common because this is one of the most widely sold sizes of portable generators.

A transfer switch will prove to be a wise investment whether you choose a manual transfer switch or a fully automatic transfer switch.


More About Generator Transfer Interlock Safety Switches

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Connecting A Generator To A Home

Planning and Installing a Generator with a Transfer Switch: How should I install the wiring to connect a generator to my home? How to Connect a Generator to a Home.


Sizing a Generator Transfer Switch

Here are the Steps for Sizing a Generator Transfer Switch: The rating and size of all the electrical components of the system should be sized properly.


Installing a Manual Transfer Switch

How to Select the Right Generator Transfer Switch: How to Save Money on a Generator Transfer Switch – These two items actually work hand in hand, and the end result will actually be how large the generator will be and there are a few more options that may be much easier to install and much less costly that a large transfer switch.


How to Wire a Generator Transfer Switch

The Basic Wiring Configuration for a Generator Transfer Switch: Each Wiring Termination must be correct for the Power Conductors of the Line or Load.
Neutral conductors are attached to the Neutral Terminal Block. All enclosures and equipment must be grounded and bonded. Common Misunderstandings or Mistakes when Wiring Generator Transfer Switches.



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