Fix Three-Way Light Switch Wiring

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How to Connect Wires for 3-Way Light Switches – Both of the switches should be 3-way switches with the appropriate wiring installed between them, such as a 3-wire cable.

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3-Way Light Switch Wiring Correction

Two switches control the same light fixture. One is a triplex, outside the bathroom. The other is a single switch, inside the bathroom.

  • Do you think the wiring is wrong, or do I need to buy a new switch? How would it be fixed, if it is wrong?
  • When Triplex is in the OFF position, Single does not operate.
  • When Triplex is in ON position, Single operates normally.
  • When Single is in ON position, Triplex does not operate.
  • When Single is in OFF position,Triplex operates normally.

Background: Stephen, a Homeowner from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Stephen.
Thanks for the photo.

How to Connect Wires for 3-Way Light Switches

Yes Stephen, the wiring for this three way switch is definitely wrong.


  • Both of the switches should be 3-way switches with the appropriate wiring installed between them, such as a 3-wire cable.
  • The power source and the switch leg to the light fixture need to be identified for the exact wiring method.
  • See the 3-way switch diagrams by using the links below.
  • By the way, your definition of Triplex is the same as a 3-way switch.

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