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Summary: How to save money on your home operating expenses and with home repairs and projects .
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Sharing from over 38 years of experience with others now reaches homeowners all over the United States and reaches out to the world.

I enjoy helping others from the practical experiences that I have had of wiring several custom homes, remodel projects and special assignments. This experience has enabled me to have a wide exposure to the whole aspect of the construction industry, especially residential homes.

There are so many ways the an average homeowner can save money on energy consumption and various home projects.

Sustainable Lifestyles for a Bright Green Future

No matter what our economy may be like, I feel that everyone should have a sense of responsibility to help preserve the natural resources that we have been provided with. The availability of many of these resources are declining at alarming rates, and other resources that are abundantly available have yet to be adopted by and made available to the population at large.

Saving Money at Your Home

Cut Back on Consumption and Usage
I am amazed how easy it is to just do a few simple things that will save us money and actually improve our environment.

This is going to sound incredibly simple, but so easy to overlook: Turn off the light switch when you leave the room. Did you know that lighting alone can account for a big portion of your energy bill? It's true and there are alternatives to traditional lighting that can help if you need to keep some lights burning.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting
I use to promote CFL or compact fluorescent lights, but after learning more about the possible harmful effect of these lights I have chosen to make alternative choices, and I really like what I see from the wide range of LED Lights that are now available.

LED lighting is a great alternative to traditional lights with great benefits, such as lower electrical consumption and a lot longer life.

LED lights are now available in a variety of sizes and suitable for several applications.

Did you know that most of the auto manufacturers have already switched to LED lights as a replacement to to ordinary lights? Even traffic signal lights have been replaced with LED lights which lower our community energy consumption.

Lets look at further possibilities for getting closer to a more sustainable lifestyle, and what could be more natural than natural light?

Solar Light Tubes
This does not refer to solar panels, although I support this alternative energy source as well, what I am referring to her is the installation of natural lighting tubes. Solar light tubes are mounted onto the roof of the home and have a reflective shaft that extends down to a location of the home to provide the natural light of the sun which can replace the need for an electric light source during the daylight hours.

Sounds like a fantastic idea right? well lets go one step further. I love plants, I guess i'm a farmer at heart, I like to grow a variety of plants, so the location of a solar light would be a great place to for your indoor plants.

Lets be Green and Healthy
If your like me, you find yourself spending more time at home, so exercise has become a regular part of my day. I typically start my day on the floor with sit ups, push ups, squats, jogging on a small trampoline or using my leg and arm exerciser. Well this is great to help keep me in shape, but lets think about this, exercise is the act of burning off calories and energy, and energy is what we consume in our homes, so why not put your physical exercise activity to work towards your home energy needs?

Stationary Bike Exerciser and Generator
This is not something new, in fact it's been around for a long time, and it is starting to get popular again. The process is easy, you sit on a stationary bicycle which drives a generator which charges a electric battery storage unit. the stored energy can be utilized for power even after you exercise. I have seen these bicycle generator units that have a laptop mounted where the handle bars are so the person can exercise while using a laptop. Now that is being smart, efficient, and totally sustainable.

Is this starting to get your creative thoughts flowing? I sure hope so, and I hope this challenges you to make a few changes at your home. Use the question form and let me know you thoughts, i'd love to hear them. Thanks!

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