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Summary: Important information about the dangers of CFL Lamps.

Heads Up Consumers - Important News about CFL Lamps

I constantly come across valuable information having to do with energy and our future. Instead of keeping this all to myself I believe it would only be right to share this information with fellow Americans and the rest of the world. I welcome any of your comments which will help future content, AND - If you have a link or verified story to share please send it along - THANK YOU!


Warning about mercury in CFLs

Look for Early Signs of Trouble:
If you see a CFL that has dark gray coloring at the base where the glass connects to the base of the lamp I would advise you to replace the CFL. In my personal experience I have witnessed a few CFL lamps actually burn up and emit a yellow-colored cloud into the room. The smell was awful. I immediately opened the windows and grabbed a bag, unscrewed the lamp and took it outside.
These lamps are great energy savers but they may be a hazard. Because of what I experienced I would personally not install these lamps in the bedrooms where baby's and infants reside. What bothers me is that political controls can enforce such energy saving measures and not take the responsibility for the hazards they pose to our lives and the environment.

Maybe we should send all of our used bulbs to Congress? Humm..................

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