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How to Fix a Disposal that Runs all the Time

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Summary: Electrical Troubleshooting Question: My garbage disposal stopped working. The outlet it was plugged into also powered the dishwasher.

Electrical Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting a disposal that runs all the time

Electrical Troubleshooting Question:
My garbage disposal stopped working. The outlet it was plugged into also powered the dishwasher. The receptacle to the dishwasher worked, but the disposal receptacle did not. I replaced the entire outlet, the disposal, and the switch above the sink that operated the disposal. Now, the disposal works when plugged in, but the switch to turn it off does not. I don't know where to go from here.
Thanks- Ed H.

Hi Ed - Great Electrical Repair Question!
From the information you gave me I believe you may have not removed the tab that is found between the brass screws on the outlet. Turn off the power to the plug and check this. The tab can be removed by using a small screw driver and wiggle it back and forth or by snipping it with a pair of cutters. From: Ed H. Dave,
Thanks for the tip. Do I need to clip the brass tabs on both sides of the double-receptacle outlet? Also, do I need to clip the tabs on the switch-receptacle next to the sink, too?
Thanks a lot, Ed
Hi Ed, You should only have to clip the brass hot side of the outlet where the disposal and the dishwasher are plugged into

Dave Dave, I followed your advice and everything is now working as it should. I really appreciate your help. Cutting that brass tab seems to be a very important detail and not one that I found easily when researching this problem. I'm a recently retired Air Force Officer, living in the suburbs of Kansas City, and now working as a financial planner. If you ever need any financial advice regarding investing, insurance, retirement planning, or mutual funds, please drop me an e-mail and I would be happy to reciprocate your assistance.
Thanks again. Ed


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