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Summary: Here are the actual hand tools I use on most all of my electrical jobs and projects.

Electrician's Hand Tools

Electrical hand tools are essential for an electrician

Be sure you are using a good quality set of tools.

The job will go much smoother and you will not fatigue as easily due to the stress of not having the right tools for the job.

electrical-tool-pouch A good tool pouch is necessary to have your tools at your side right when you need them.
The pouches on the opposite side will have the items necessary for the phase of work that I am doing.
During the rough-in phase of wiring a home I have at least two sizes of romex staples and screws for mounting junction boxes.
During the make-up phase I will have three different sizes of wire connectors, usually yellow, red and blue.
You don't want to overload your pouch with tools otherwise you will get fatigued and it can get uncomfortable. Here is the basic list of tools I use:
Long nose hammer,
Pliers: Lineman's, crimp and needle nose.
Screw Drivers: Large and medium straight slot, offset, and phillips and awl or pick .
Wire Strippers, box cutter razor blade.
Carpenters Pencil, Crayon and Black felt pen.
Electrical Tape: Black, White, Red and Green

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