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Electrical Troubleshooting and Electrical Repair Questions and Answers about 220 volt circuit to 110 volt, 220 volt heater circuit to sub panel, 220 volt to 120 volt circuit, circuits damaged by lightning, installing a 120 volt heater circuit, installing a shed circuit, kitchen circuit not working, lincoln welder circuit, range and dryer circuit, refrigerator circuit, remote circuit monitoring system, roof circuit conduit, sq d circuit breakers, storage unit circuit, swimming pool circuit, tanning bed circuit, washer dryer circuit, water heater and oven circuit feedback conditions, water heater time clock circuit, water heater tripping main circuit breaker, wire size for a microwave circuit, wire size for workshop circuit, wire size for microwave circuit.

220 volt circuit to 110 volt

Question: I have a 220V outlet that is only used in the summer to run a window A/C unit. Can I tap off of this outlet to make a 110v outlet right next to it to run a small electrical heater in the winter? How do I go about this? P.

220 volt heater circuit to sub panel

Question: I'm having a problem with wiring a 220 volt heater circuit. I installed a 20 amp double pole breaker in my panel, and I ran 12/2 wire with a ground to the outlet.

220 volt to 120 volt circuit

Question: My house originally had baseboard electric heat. We changed to gas a few years ago. there are 3 sets of double 20 amp breakers not used now,they have the tabs to join the switches.

circuits damaged by lightning

Question: My house hit by lightning and a number of the circuit breakers tripped. I cannot get power to two light fixtures.

installing a 120 volt heater circuit

Question: I have a heater called a Sun Twin, that states it should have a dedicated circuit. It basically claims that it is an appliance.

installing a shed circuit

Question: We have a new shed and would like to install an electrical circuit to it. I have added internal wiring for lights and small power tools, but the circuit breaker box I have installed in the shed is pretty jury rigged with an extension cord that makes it all pretty unsafe (forget about meeting code).

kitchen circuit not working

Question: My panel has a main breaker at the top. But at the bottom it has a breaker that controls the electricity in my basement and the kitchen.

lincoln welder circuit

Question: A friend wants me to hook an old lincoln welder up in his shop. It can be hooked up using 220/480 volts.

range and dryer circuit

Question: I just bought a dryer without realizing that I did not have a 30 amp outlet/breaker in my apartment (I realize this was a silly oversight, yes).

refrigerator circuit

Name : Bruno G Question: I was wondering if the refrigerator needs to be on its own circuit or can have other outlets with it.

remote circuit monitoring system

Question: Do you know of any device that would alert me remotely if a circuit breaker has tripped? I own a restaurant and I'm seeking something that will notify me if any of my breakers trip while I'm away.

roof circuit conduit

Question: Do rooftop penetrations on commercial buildings need to be in rigid conduit?

sq d circuit breakers

Question: Do they make a slim line version of a square D QO 220v 30 and 50 amp breaker www.ask-the-electrician

storage unit circuit

Question: I have a woodworking shop set up in a storage unit and have tapped my electrical into one of two 20A GFI circuit breakers stemming from a sub panel on my building.

swimming pool circuit

Question: I have a 200A main panel which is fully utilized. I recently put in an in ground swimming pool and a finished basement - so I put in a main lug 20 circuit 100A panel downstream to service my pool and basement.

tanning bed circuit

Question: I am hooking up a tanning bed. According to the instructions, It operates from a 220 AC source.

washer dryer circuit

Question: Bought front load washer/dryer and because of the doors swings, placement is opposite from original layout.

water heater and oven circuit feedback conditions

Question: Hi Dave, I recently went from a gas range to an electric wall oven. It is a Maytag 3.6kW@240V that I bought used.

water heater time clock circuit

Question: I wired a timer switch for my 220v hot water heater, it only had 1 ground 1 line 1 load terminal.

water heater tripping main circuit breaker

Question: Hi Dave, I have a Horstman economy 7 quartz water heater and every time I switch it on the whole house trips. Is there anything I should be checking or should I call in an electrician? I'm concerned that i may be wasting his time if it might be something straight forward,your advice would be much appreciated.

wire size for a microwave circuit

Question: I'm wiring approximately 30 feet of wire for a circuit underneath my house .Should I use 12-2 or 10-3 due to the length Thanks- Mike M.

wire size for workshop circuit

Question: I'm installing a #4 wire for the circuit to my workshop about 100 feet away from the house and I'm planning on using #8 solid copper for my ground.

wire size for microwave circuit

Question: I'm wiring approximately 30 feet of wire underneath my house. Should I use 12-2 or 10-3 due to the length Name : Mike.

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