Electrical Wiring Methods in a Modular Home

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Electrical Wiring Methods and Procedures are Reviewed – This information will act as a guide however make sure that all electrical wring is installed with a permit and then inspected.

Homeowner Questions Electrical Wiring Methods

I have a new modular home. I have several electrical questions, to which i am seeking your professional opinion and also the code #’s which these issues may violate.

  1.  Does a stove hood/fan need to be installed using an electrical box? Mine was hung by the electrical cable coming through a hole punched in wall, then directly connected to the fan/hood. What code governs this.
  2.  Do vanity light fixtures installed above mirror over sink require installation using an electrical box? Mine had a wire punched through hole in wall & then connected to fixture. Fixture had 2’face plat on it and had 2 screws on each side. These screws were all that held the fixture up.What code governs this?
  3. New outlets & new light switches on back splash, interior walls, throughout home. When I needed to open an outlet to add a new light fixture, the local man told me that there was no slack in the wires coming from behind the fixture and none coming into the fixture. This prevents us from doing any work on this outlet or light switch. I think this violates NEC 300.14. Is this correct.
  4.  What is the code for sheathing the 3 wires that come in from the wall and into the outlet boxes? I was told the 3 wires needed to be wrapped with this sheathing or insulation to prevent fire hazard. I have seen places where it said 1/4″ and 1″, trying to find out what code really is. Some of mine have no insulation or sheathing around those 3 wires at all. Some of the outlets have 3 sets of wires coming into the box. One may have sheathing around a set, 2nd set may have none, 3rd set had 1/4″. What;’s code?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me here. Again Mass Code or NEC code or Fire code.

This electrical question came from: Patricia , a Homeowner from Boston, Massachusetts

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Patricia .

Electrical Wiring Methods and Procedures Reviewed

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2 Responses to “Electrical Wiring Methods in a Modular Home”
  1. Dave Rongey says:

    Hi Al,
    The wiring schematic for a modular home will be specific to the layout design and the optional circuits that are installed, however keep in mind that the electrical circuit wiring is based upon electrical codes as they apply to modular homes, therefore the wiring method can be easily identified. For electrical troubleshooting purposes keep in mind that the two units of a double wide modular home are transported separately, and then at the home site the two units are set up and put together. During the setup process electrical wiring that extends from one unit to the next is spliced together in one or more junction boxes which are typically located under the the home near the mid area where the two units are attached together.
    I hope this helps,

  2. al says:

    Do you have the wiring schematic for a double modular home?


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