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Electric Clothes Dryer Double Pole Circuit

How an Electrical Circuit is Wired for an Electric Clothes Dryer

How an Electrical Circuit is Wired for an Electric Clothes Dryer
Electrical Question: I bought a new electric clothes dryer. Everyone says I must have a 30 amp circuit breaker. My old dryer has been running on a 20 amp double pole circuit breaker with 10 gauge wire. Do I need to replace the breaker with a 30 amp? And why the heck did the old dryer run all these years on the 20 amp double pole circuit breaker!
Thank you,

This electrical question came from: Charlotte, a Homeowner from Matawan, New Jersey.
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Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Charlotte.

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4 Responses to “Electric Clothes Dryer Double Pole Circuit”
  1. johnny says:

    Electric Dryer Stopped Working
    My electric dryer stopped working, bought new one it doesn’t work. The circuit breaker box has a 30 amp double pole circuit, one wire was 115volts reading and the other was 86volts. I called the landlord who said his son will be out to switch the wires down to the pool pump breaker. I believe it’s a double pole 20 amp is this safe and OK?

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Fault with Dryer Circuit Breaker
      Hi Johnny,
      From what you have described the electric dryer circuit breaker either needs to be reset, the breaker is faulty, or the connection of the circuit breaker and the panel is at fault.
      The landlord should be advised that placing the dryer circuit onto the double pole 20amp pool circuit breaker will most likely cause the breaker to trip off. The solution is to identify the problem with the dryer circuit breaker and make the proper repairs.
      A qualified electrician is always the best person to perform this type of work.
      Be Safe,

  2. michael banks says:

    Will a 22 amp dryer work on a 20 amp outlet?


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