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Correct Electrical Wire Size for Ceiling Fans and Lights

By Dave Rongey - Summary:

Selecting the Correct Wire Size for Ceiling Fans and Lights: Selecting the Correct Wire Size for Ceiling Fans and Lights.

Determining the Wire Size for a Circuit

Electrical Question: What wire size should I use for wiring my ceiling fans?

  • Can I utilize 10/3 Romex type cable for the installation of a ceiling fan with a light.
  • I was originally going to utilize 12/3 Romex cable but I have a lot of 10/3 left.

This electrical question came from: Mike, from Flemington, New Jersey.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your home electrical question Mike.

Electrical Circuit Wire Size

Selecting the Correct Wire Size for Ceiling Fans and Lights

  • When installing electrical wiring for new construction the wire size for is determined by the type of circuit and the load that will be connected to the circuit.
  • Many circuits are never loaded to the full potential or rating of the circuit and that is good, however there are typical wire sizes for 120 volt lighting and receptacle circuits which are generally #14 and #12.
  • The #14 gauge wire or 14/2 and 14/3 Type-NM  is most commonly used for home lighting circuits because most switches for homes are rated for 15 amps therefore using a larger size would not be compatible with these devices and it would not be as easy to make the connections when using a larger wire size.
  • When extending or adding electrical wiring to existing electrical circuits the new wire should always be the gauge and rating as the existing circuit wiring.

NOTE: As mentioned in this question, Romex is a brand name which is owned by the Southwire company, however Type-NM cable is manufactured by other wire and cable companies as well.

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2 Responses to “Correct Electrical Wire Size for Ceiling Fans and Lights”
  1. gary says:

    The last statement about extending the same size wire when adding to it. Here’s my situation on a remodel, there is a 12 gauge going to the large florescent kitchen light. I was going to remove that fixture and run 14/2 into 5-6 can lights, and tie them into the existing junction box. The new lights are LED and do not require a box at the connection, it says they are self sufficient with wire in and wire out going to the next fixture.

    Thoughts and Comments welcome and thanks.

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Hi Gary,
      In order to be code compliant for the project you should maintain the 12 gauge wire.

      Other options would be:

      Identify and tag that circuit at the panel and replace the 20amp circuit breaker with a 15 amp, then you may extend the circuit with 14 gauge wire. You should take an amp check to see how loaded that circuit is if it will be converted to 15amp.

      Install a new 15amp circuit to the kitchen and terminate the #12 cable into an accessible junction box.

      I hope this helps,


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