Connection for the Blue Ceiling Fan Wire

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Where to Connect the Blue Wire of a Ceiling Fan – The blue wire is for the ceiling fan light fixture, Here is the Wiring connections for this scenario

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Wiring Connections for the Ceiling Fan Blue Wire

Electrical Question: My ceiling fan has a black, blue, green, and white wires but only a white and a black wire coming from the ceiling.

  • What wires get connected to what wires?

This electrical wiring question came from: Greg , a Homeowner from Sarasota, Florida.

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Dave’s Reply:

Thanks for your electrical wiring question Greg.

  • Where to Connect the Blue Wire of a Ceiling Fan

  • The blue wire is for the ceiling fan light fixture.
  • Wiring connections for this scenario
    • Ceiling Electrical Box Wires – Ceiling Fan Wire
    • Black to Black (ceiling fan motor)
    • Black also to Blue (ceiling fan light)
    • White to White (shared neutral)
    • Ground to Green (ground wire)
  • With these wiring connections, the ceiling light can be operated from the ceiling fan pull chain or the wall switch.
  • If your ceiling fan does not have a light fixture, then you can either cap off the blue wire up at the ceiling fixture electrical box or connect is as described above.
  • Most ceiling fans come pre-wired for a light fixture, whether  it has a fixture or not.
  • If the ceiling fan does not have a light fixture then you have the option to add one.

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