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Why Does My Electric Motor Humm And Not Start?

August 27, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How to Diagnose an Electric Motor Problem: Common Problems with Electric Motors and Capacitor Start Motors, How to Check an Electric Motor, Diagnostic Checks You Can Make When an Electric Motor Will Not Start.

Electric Motor Overload Switch

December 2, 2014 by Dave Rongey

The Causes of Electric Motor Overload: Understanding Internal Motor Overload Protection, Contributing causes that will cause a motor to reach an over heated condition.

Electrical Wiring for Machinery From Another Country

November 13, 2014 by Dave Rongey

How to Connect the Electrical Wiring for Equipment that is Made in Another Country: I wired a machine that I had bought in another country which stated that it needed 230volts.

Standing Fan Repair Caused Reverse Rotation

July 18, 2010 by Dave Rongey

I just repaired a standing fan. it works, but it now turns reverse direction.

Should a Fractional Pool Pump be Wired for 120 or 240 Volts?

June 18, 2010 by Dave Rongey

The advantage would be a much faster start and if the rest of the equipment requires 240 volt then it may be…