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How to Install a Flush Mount Dryer Outlet

September 19, 2015 by Dave Rongey

Howard in Texas asks: How can I wire a 30A 125/250V Dryer Outlet? Wiring a 4-Wire 30-Amp 250 Volt Dryer Receptacle Outlet.

Why Lights Dim When the Central AC Unit Starts

September 10, 2015 by Dave Rongey

Why do my lights dim when my central AC Unit comes on? Evaluating an Older Home Electrical System.

How Do I Connect The Wires For An Oven?

September 9, 2015 by Dave Rongey

Where Do the Electric Circuit Wires Connect for my New Oven? Electrical Wiring for an Electric Oven.

Wiring Switches for a Bathroom Fan Unit

September 5, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How can I wire the Switches for a Bathroom Light and New Exhaust Fan Unit? Wiring Switches for a Bathroom Light and Exhaust Fan Unit, Wiring Two Devices from Separate Circuits on One Switch.

Identifying GFCI Circuit Problems

September 2, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How can I find out what is tripping a GFCI Breaker? Identify Problems that Cause GFCI Circuits to Trip, Clearing the GFCI Circuit of Possible Problem Devices.

Troubleshooting a Faulty Dryer Circuit

October 9, 2015 by Dave Rongey

The Outlet for my Dryer is Not Working, is this a Problem with the Socket or the Circuit Breaker? Electrical Problems that can Keep a Dryer From Working.

Hot Tub Circuit Ground Wire

May 30, 2015 by Dave Rongey

Does a Hot Tub require a separate ground wire from the main panel? How to Bond the Ground Wire for a Hot Tub Circuit, Connection to the Ground Terminal, Separate Neutral and Ground Wires, Hot Tube Circuit Cable Size.

How to Wire a Water Heater Timer Control

March 13, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How to Wire a Water Heater Time Control: Wiring diagram Connections for a Water Heater Timer, Explanation of the Water Heater Timer Wiring Diagram.

Installing a Electric Water Heater Circuit

February 13, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How to Wire a Water Heater Circuit: We are installing the wiring for an electric water heater circuit and we need to make sure we are using the right wire size.

How to Wire a Hot Tub

January 21, 2015 by Dave Rongey

Installing Hot Tub Wiring and the Disconnect Panel: Detailed Example of Installing the Electrical Wiring for a Hot Tub and GFCI Circuit.

How to Safely Disconnect Hot Tub Wiring

January 16, 2015 by Dave Rongey

Removing Hot Tub Circuit Wiring: We removed our hot tub, what should I do with the electrical wiring?

Welder Circuit 230 Volt

January 5, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How to Install Electrical Circuit Wiring for a Welder: How do I make a 230 volt circuit for my welder?

How Do I Troubleshoot My Clothes Dryer Circuit?

December 29, 2014 by Dave Rongey

How to Check a Electric Clothes Dryer Circuit: Why a Clothes Dryer Stopped Working and What to Check.

Installing Programmable Thermostats

April 11, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How should I install a programmable thermostat for my Baseboard Heaters? Installing a Programmable Thermostat, Thermostat Compatibility with Heating Units.

How to Convert 120volt to 220volt

September 26, 2014 by Dave Rongey

Converting 120 volt to 220 volt for Specific Equipment: Can I convert 120volt to 220volt for a CNC Router requiring 220v 1Ph 20amp?

Hot Tub Circuit Wiring

May 13, 2015 by Dave Rongey

How can I wire a hot tub from the power source to the GFCI and the factory wired control box? How to Connect Hot Tub GFCI Circuit Wiring, Understanding a 120/240Volt 4Wire Hot Tub Circuit.

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