Calculating Electrical Power Requirements

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I am looking to lease a 5,000 sq ft building that has (2) 200 amp 3 phase 220/480 electrical panels feeding (1) 110/220 panel…

Electrical Power Requirements for a Commercial Kitchen
Background: Sarah, a Homeowner from Eugene, OR

Question: I am looking to lease a 5,000 sq ft building that has (2) 200 amp 3 phase 220/480 electrical panels feeding (1) 110/220 panel.

My business will supply four kitchens with full functioning commercial equipment. Ovens, microwaves, stoves mixers and more.

Up to four computers and offices.

Some of the equipment that will be used:
1 3 hp walk in cooler compressor
2 domestic freezers
hot water heater
washer and dryer
possibly an elevator (small non functioning right now)

Is the current power supply enough to support my current needs? And if so, is there enough power to add on more power in the future?

Thank you so much for your web site. This is the first time I have been on it. I can see that I will be using it a lot!

Sincerely, Sarah

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Sarah.

The specified nameplate power requirements are necessary in order to determine the circuit voltage and amperage for each piece of equipment you have in this list. Understanding this will then allow one to calculate the total connected load. Some of this equipment such as the ovens and water heater may use natural gas or propane for heating which will make a big difference. The next factor would be to understand how many of the listed units will be operating at the same time in order to determine an estimated load on the main electrical service panel.

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2 Responses to “Calculating Electrical Power Requirements”
  1. Dave Rongey says:

    Hi Meeran,
    The electrical panel size power requirement will be based on the number of machines that will be used at the same time. Each large machine will typically require it’s own dedicated circuit with overload protection. If the various machines will be used by more than one person then the electrical service panel will have a higher amperage demand at that given time, so the size of the electrical panel must support the total demand for all circuits that are used simultaneously.
    I hope this helps you with your machine shop,

  2. Meeran says:

    Hi friend, I have a small industry. Now I have a 20 machines like bending, cutting, and a punching machine. It’s all machines minimum 25tons weight.

    I am not start industry now only I will install.

    Now I ask my question.

    How to calculate power requirement.? I don’t have proper electrical requirements. So please explain completely.


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