Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker Trips Off

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My central A/C air conditioning unit was not cutting off even when the temp was reached…

Problems With an Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker

Air Conditioning Question: My central Air Conditioning unit was not cutting off even when the temp was reached. The compressor would shut off but not the unit in the basement, even when I switched it off at the thermostat. So I manually switched off the power switch on unit. I left it off for about 40 minutes, when I switched it back on, the unit came on, but now it keep tripping the breaker after about 20 seconds. I don’t know if burner on the furnace is trying to re-start and won’t so that whats tripping it.  Can I lock out the burner, start the furnace again a run the air conditioning without the burner until I can get a service tech out.?
Its an Oneida-Royal Furnace.

Background: WGM, a Homeowner from CT

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question WGM.
Do not defeat any safety or limit switches. It does sound like a limit switch has failed or a component in the control circuit. Advise calling a qualified air conditioning technician to identify and repair the problem. In the mean time I would not run the unit if it is tripping the circuit breaker off to avoid damage to the unit.

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One Response to “Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker Trips Off”
  1. Garfield says:

    Hello how are you?

    I am writing you today to ask you a question about my air conditioner.

    I had a new air conditioner unit put in about 6 years ago. I live in FL and do not use the AC Heat that often, but everytime I put the heat on after about 3 min the circuit breaker trips. I put the circuit breaker back on a the ac heat starts working again and then the ac circuit breaker trips again.
    I went into the circuit breaker box and took out the breaker for the AC and noticed one of the wires looks a little burnt.

    My question today is if you can give me some reason(s) as to why this was happening, and a way to fix this problem.

    Thanks – Garfield


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