Adding Breaker Space To Your Electric Panel

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How to Add Circuit Breaker Space to an Electrical Panel

Consider Upgrading to a Larger Electrical Service

Question: I have added 240 sq ft to end of home to include a bathroom and 2 closets. My house is current 940 sq ft and I have a Square D QO 100 amp breaker box. Unfortunately I have no additional spaces to add another breaker and most are doubled up to fit in box.My Question is: since I have additional knock outs,is it possible to purchase a new bar to replace 100 amp main with 125 amp main. My power meter service is directly on the outside of the box from inside. If I have to replace the service box, is there a code for the height above the ground?
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How to Add Circuit Breaker Space to an Electrical Panel

The internal bar of the panel cannot be replaced. It would be best to upgrade the electrical service to 120 amp minimum or consider 200 amps. The new panel will provide more circuit breaker spaces. The height for the panel is generally eye level, but check with your local building department for the local requirements.


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