Adding a Garage Electrical Panel

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Hot to Add an Electrical Sub-Panel to a Garage – Adding a sub-panel for a garage involves a variety of planning, here are just a few to consider

Considerations When Planning a Garage Panel

Electrical Question:Can I tie into a 200 AMP service with a 100 AMP distribution panel for my garage?

This electrical wiring question came from: Donald, a Homeowner from Trumansburg, NY

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Donald.

Hot to Add an Electrical Sub-Panel to a Garage

  • Adding a sub-panel for a garage involves a variety of planning, here are just a few to consider:
    • Does the existing service panel have the capacity for additional loads.
    • Does the existing service panel have the space for the required circuit breaker.
    • What type and size sub-panel will be required.
    • What size electrical feeder cable will be required.
    • How will the feeder cable be protected.
      • Any project that involves electrical wiring, especially electrical panels will require a permit and inspection.
      • Due to the number of electrical codes and additional considerations,  a project like this is best performed by a qualified licensed electrical contractor.

The Following will assist you with Adding a Garage Electrical Panel:

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You identified your project to be about Electrical Code,
so you might find this information useful:

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Be Careful and Be Safe - Never Work on Energized Circuits!
Consult your Local Building Department about Permits and Inspections for all projects.


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