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Electrical Wiring Electrical Troubleshooting and Electrical Repairs
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Home Residential Electrical Codes and Wiring Diagrams

residential wiring diagrams
home electrical wiring
wiring home generator and transfer switch
home generators
wiring a 220 volt range cord outlet
220 Volt Outlets
Wiring for GFCI Outlets
wire GFCI
Wiring Outlets and a Switched Outlet
wire outlets
Wiring and Installing Ceiling Fans and Remote Controls
wire ceiling fans
wire dimmer switch
wire a dimmer
wiring diagrams for switches
wire switches
wiring a dryer cord and 220 outlet
wire a dryer
circuit breaker panel
wiring panels
Electrical Wire and Cable
electrical wire

How to Install and Repair Electrical Wiring

electrical repairs

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Electrical Wiring Projects

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 electrical wiring and repairs
  home wiring
wiring diagrams
  • Wiring Diagrams

  • Wiring Diagrams for installing and testing home electrical circuits.
  • Wiring diagrams help you understand how electrical devices are wired.
  • See how various electrical devices and controls operate.
wiring symbols
  • Electrical Diagram Symbols

  • Electrical Diagram Symbols for Home Electrical Wiring
  • Symbols for Electrical Outlets, Outlet Symbols used in Electrical Construction
  • Dimmer Switch Wiring

  • Fully explained how to wire-a-dimmer-switch
  • Diagrams for 3-way Wiring Dimmer Switches.
  • Take the mystery out of wiring a 3-way dimmer switch.
Wiring 120 Volt Outlet

How to Wire Electric Outlets

  • How to Wire 120 Volt Outlets
  • GFI and GFCI Receptacle Outlets
  • Dishwasher Outlet
  • Disposal Outlet
  • Bedroom AFCI Outlet
  • Switched Outlet
  • Half Hot Outlet

  • How to Wire 240 Volt Outlets
  • Kitchen outlets
  • Range Outlet
  • Wire a Range Cord
  • Oven Outlet
  • Clothes Dryer Outlet
  • Wire a Dryer Cord
  • Wire a 3-Wire Cord
  • Wire a 4-Wire Cord
Wiring  240 Volt Outlet
wiring gfci receptacle outlets
  • Wiring GFCI Outlets

  • Learn about the features and benefits provided by GFI Outlets
  • Fully explained GFCI Receptacles and how they are wired.
  • Single and Multiple Outlets protected by one GFCI receptacle.
wiring ceiling fans
  • Wiring Ceiling Fans

  • Installing Ceiling Fan wiring.
  • Ceiling Fan Wiring connections.
  • Installing an outdoor ceiling fan.
Ceiling Fan Remote Control
exhaust fan
wiring a electric dryer
  • Wiring a Clothes Dryer

  • Electrical wiring for a dryer-power-cord.
  • Older 240 Volt electric power cord with 3-wire configurations.
  • New 240 Volt electric power cord with 4-wire configurations.
 recessed halo can light fixture
  • Wiring Light Fixtures

  • Installing and Wiring Light Fixtures with Step-by-Step Photos.
  • Installing Recessed Lighting
  • Installing Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Wiring a Baseboard Heater

  • Installing a Baseboard Heater Circuit: Wiring a baseboard heater thermostat and electric panel circuit then wiring connections for the installed baseboard wall heater. Instructions for converting baseboard heating radiant heating.

  • How To Wire a Thermostat

  • Typical Thermostat Wiring for Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning - Although many home heating and air conditioning systems have a standard type thermostat cable with color coded wires, the wires should be identified to make sure of the exact purpose for each wire.
  home generators
  • Installing a Home Generator

    • The process to size, select, and connect a home generator.
    • Transfer switches for a safe home generator connection.
  • Generator Sizing Calculator

    • Online Interactive Generator Sizing.
    • Accurately estimate the size of a generator based on electrical devices to be used.
  • Wire and Repair Smoke Detectors

  • How to Install and Wire Smoke Detectors - Installation Guide with Photos that clearly explain how Interconnected Smoke Detectors are wired so they function properly.
  • Smoke Detector Tips
  • Installing Smoke Detectors
  • Smoke Detector Wiring
  • Adding Smoke Detectors
  • How to Fix Smoke Detectors That Alarm
telephone wiring
  • How to Repair Telephone Wiring

  • Telephone-wiring diagram.
  • Phone jack wiring with photos and instructions.
  • Steps to correctly wiring a telephone jack.
  • Residential Electrical Load Calculator

    • The Electrical Load Calculator is a fully functional online and Interactive tool that will assist you with accurate panel load calculations.
    • The Residential Electrical Load Calculator is Pre-Loaded with electrical information for you to chose for typical electrical loads in the home.
    • General Electrical Load Requirements, Appliances and Motor Loads, Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.
    • Sizing Wire for a Panel: Voltage Drop Calculator
circuit breaker
  • Circuit Breakers and Fuses

  • Installing Circuit Breakers
  • .
  • How circuit breakers work to protect your electrical-wiring.
  • Properly installed circuit breakers protect home electrical wiring.
junction boxes
  • Electrical Junction Boxes

  • Understanding electrical junction-boxes.
  • Selecting the right size electrical junction box.
  • Junction boxes for outlets, light fixture and electrical splices.
electrical wire
  • Electrical Wire

  • Understanding electrical wire.
  • Selecting the right size and type of electrical wire.
  • Electrical wire for outlets, light fixture and large electrical appliances.
  • Parts used to terminate, bond and splice electrical wire.
troubleshooting electrical-wiring
Electrical Testers and Meters
  • Electrical Testers and Meters

  • Testers for home electrical-wiring.
  • Quality voltage testers that play an important part in electrical safety.
  • Testers to identify electrical circuits and help prevent electrical shock.
electrical codes
  • Home Electrical Codes

  • Electrical Code Directory for home electrical wiring.
  • AFCI circuit, electrical-boxes, electrical-circuit, electrical-code outlets.
  • GFCI circuits, outlets and electrical-grounding.
  • Electrical Codes for electrical-services, electrical-underground, electrical wiring,
    electrical-wiring-code, lighting-code, and smoke-detectors.
electrical-wiring videos
  • Electrical Wiring Videos

  • Videos to help educate you about many aspects of home electrical-wiring.
  • Video introductions for several electrical topics and electrical projects.
solar exhaust fans
  • Solar Powered Attic Exhaust Fans

  • Installing Solar Exhaust Fans
  • .
  • Attic exhaust fans are a green energy efficient solution.
  • Proper attic venting reduces the load on your air conditioning system.
Green Home
  • Wiring Green SIP Homes

  • Styrofoam Insulated Panels - aka: SIP Homes
  • Discover Energy Efficient SIP Homes
  • See how different a SIP Home will be when installing electrical wiring.

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Electrical Help: New and Updated

Electric Wiring and Electric Repair Questions and Answers

How to Change a Thermostat

Thermostat Problems and How to Fix Them: Wiring a Heating and Air Conditioning Thermostat.

Electrical Requirements for Generators and Welders

I want to run my welder off a generator, can I put a plug end on the welder wire and plug the welder into my portable generator? How to Wire a Welder and Generator Plug.

Troubleshooting a Faulty Dryer Circuit

The outlet for my dryer is not working, is this a problem with the socket or a breaker issue? Electrical Problems that can Affect an Dryer.

How to Ground a Portable Generator and Make a Power Box

How to Extend the Power of a Portable Generator: How do I make an extension cord to extend the power from my generator out to a work area.

What to do with Unused Electrical Circuit Wiring

Disconnecting Unused Electrical Wires: How to Keep Spare Electrical Wiring Safe for Future Use.

Install an Attic Exhaust Fan to Help Cool Your Home

Cool Your Home with an Attic Exhaust Fan: I want to install attic fans to help cool my house and reduce my electric bill, what do you recommend? Considerations when Selecting and Installing an Exhaust Fan to Help Cool Your Attic and Your Home.

Electrical Wiring For A Dishwasher

Installing Electrical Wiring for a Dishwasher: Garbage Disposal and Dishwasher Wiring, The Process for Wiring a Dishwasher.

Don’t Burn Your House Down – The Key to Safe Extension Cords

How to Make Sure Your Extension Cord is Safe: Extension Cord Safety – The Key to a Safe Extension Cord and The Problem With Extension Cords.

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